Opay is a fintech company also called Paycom. It is a mobile money service that is licensed by the CBN and it’s one of the dominators in the POS business in Nigeria.

Opay offers its POS to individuals (as an Opay merchant) and to business owners (to perform cashless transactions).

How to Become an Opay Agent

OPay is a one-stop mobile-based platform for payments, transfers, loans, savings and other essential services for every individual. Currently, OPay boasts of over 30+ million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria who rely on OPay’s services to send and receive money, pay bills and many more.

OPay Digital Services Limited is a company founded by Opera Norway AS Group with footprints in emerging markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt and Pakistan.


In this article, we will be talking about how to get an Opay POS machine and become an Opay agent.

Among several things that will be discussed under the topic Opay POS, here are a few things we shall be focusing on;

  • How much is Opay POS
  • Types of Opay POS
  • What is Opay POS’s daily target?
  • How long will it take you to get an Opay POS machine?
  • What are Opay POS charges?
  • How to become an Opay POS agent?
  • What are the things you need to apply as an Opay agent?
  • What are the things you can do on the Opay POS machine?

Alright, let’s get right into it.

How much is Opay POS

The Opay POS machine can be gotten in two ways;

  1. Paying just the caution fee
  2. Outright Purchase

Paying just the caution fee is like renting the Opay POS machine which means Opay still has full control over the POS machine.

Just like I explained how caution fee works with the Moniepoint POS. So if you need more insight on how caution fee works with POS machine you can check that article.

For Opay POS the caution fee is different and it is dependent on the type of the Opay POS machine, such as; For the mini Opay POS the caution fee is N10,000, for the Traditional Opay POS the caution fee is N20,000, and for the Android Opay POS, the caution fee is N30,000.

While the “Outright Purchase of Opay POS” means; you are going to have 100% ownership of the POS. in other words, you can decide to keep the POS at home without using it, and the Opay company won’t have the right to question your action or ask you to return the POS back to them.

Most Opay POS agents opt for the caution fee method of getting the Opay POS machine. While Business owners who mainly want to use the pos for cashless transactions opt for the outright purchase.

Because it is an outright purchase, the cost becomes high. These are the cost of an outright purchase for each Opay POS machine;

  • Mini Opay POS (N15,000)
  • Traditional Opay POS (N50,000)
  • Android Opay POS (N60,000)

So, those are the cost of getting an OPay POS machine through caution or through outright purchase.

Types of Opay Pos

Traditional Opay POS(left-hand 🫲 side), Android Opay POS (middle ✋), Mini OPay POS (right-hand 🫱 side)

From the pictorial view above, you can see what the three types of Opay pos machines look like.

The Traditional Opay POS has both buttons and a touch screen, the Android is just a touch screen function, while the Mini is just buttons.

As you can see from the picture, you must have discovered that the mini Opay POS doesn’t have its own printer, so you will need to buy an external mini-printing machine that can easily be connected via Bluetooth.

Another limitation with the mini POS is, you must connect it with your phone.

Just like the Android Moniepoint POS machine, the Android Opay POS machine is convenient to use even though it is fragile, unlike the traditional Opay POS machine which is strong.

Even with the durability of the Traditional Opay POS, the Traditional POS is limited in functions as; “it can’t do bill payment”. But the Android OPay POS has all the features you need and it can conveniently do bills payment.

What is Opay POS’s daily target?

Unlike the Moniepoint daily target on their pos agents, Opay daily target is not that certain, and in most scenarios, it is assumed that they don’t really care about the pos daily target on their agent.

Mind you, you can only be worried about Opay daily target (if there is any), if you got the POS via caution fee.

But if you got the POS via outright purchase, you have nothing to worry about with their daily target because you have 100% ownership of the Opay POS machine.

The Opay daily target was assumed to be about N60,000 on the total volume of transactions for the day, but as I said, it is not certain.

But one thing that is most certain about Opay POS acquired through caution fee is, if you keep the POS inactive for about 4 days, they will reach out to you to find out why.

If your reason is not good enough, let’s say; because you have another financial company’s POS machine that you prefer, they will block the POS instantly and ask you to return it.

How long will it take you to get an Opay POS machine?

Opay POS machine

Getting an Opay POS machine takes longer time than its major competitor in the market; Moniepoint.

To get an Opay POS after applying can take up to a week if you applied directly in their physical office.

But if you apply via the app, you will wait a very long time (weeks/Months). it might even get approved via the app but when you get to their office they will tell you no POS.

Them saying no POS doesn’t mean they don’t have pos machines available, but giving you the POS won’t be profitable to them because most of them are aggregators and they can only assign POS given to them to those who sign up as agents under them.

That is why it is preferable you get the Opay POS machine via their physical office or through a direct Opay aggregator.

What are Opay POS charges?

Just like Moniepoint POS charges, Opay uses the same 0.5% charges on every N100 withdrawal. That is every N1,000 withdrawal is N5.

While withdrawals of N20,000 and above is on a flat charge of N100. That is, for someone withdrawing N20,000 and another person withdrawing N500,000 the Opay charge will be N100 on both transactions.

And if you are asking; how come POS agent now charges very high?

It is because the cost of running a POS business is now high due to inflation and the difficulty in accessing cash which is a result of the CBN N500,000 per week withdrawals limit from the bank and has now given rise to businessmen selling cash to POS agents.

For Transfers also known as Deposits, it is N20 flat charge.

While for Bills payments and Airtime purchases via the Opay POS and Opay App, it is totally free.

Opay also has promotional packages for their agents to take advantage of. These promotional packages are in three levels;

  1. Regular
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

They come with their own additional share of percentages from the normal Opay charges. For example, if you are in the regular category, you will be given an additional 8% discount from the 0.5% on withdrawals and 8% from the N100 flat charges that come from N20,000 and above withdrawals.

But as a Regular category Opay agent, you won’t be given any discount on the N20 that comes from transfers.

These are the percentage discount that comes with each category of agents;

Opay POS discount/commission explanation
A pictorial explanation of the percentage discount that comes with each category of agents
  • Regular (8% discount/commission on Withdrawalsand 0% discount/commission on Transfer charge)
  • Gold (10% discount/commission on Withdrawals and 10% discount/commission on Transfer charge)
  • Platinum (15% discount/commission on Withdrawals and 30% discount/commission on Transfer charge)

What qualifies you for the different Opay discount/commission categories is dependent on the transaction volume of the POS withdrawals and it is calculated Bi-weekly;

  • For regular Opay discount/commission, you must have done a withdrawal volume below N1.5 million
  • For the Gold Opay POS discount/commission, a withdrawal volume of N1.5 million and Above
  • While for the Platinum Opay POS discount/commission, the withdrawal volume is N5 million and above

Remember they are calculated Bi-weekly.

Below is a pictorial explanation

Opay POS discount/commission explanation

How to Become an Opay POS Agent

There are three ways to become an Opay Agent;

  1. Applying through the App
  2. Directly from Opay Office
  3. Through a Direct Aggregator

Applying through the App

Applying via the app is like waiting forever. The only thing you can achieve by applying as an Opay agent through the app is to migrate to Opay Merchant.

Using the “Apply for POS Machine” section in the Opay app takes a long time for approval and after the approval, you will be denied an Opay POS machine at their office. I explained the reason for the denial already in the “How long will it take you to get an Opay POS machine?” section.

Directly from Opay Office

Applying to become an Opay agent by going to their office is better than applying via the Opay App. But nonetheless, it still takes time even as an established POS agent with another platform.

Firstly they will want to be sure that you will use their POS machine. And even accepting all your documents they might delay the process by a week before you will be assigned a POS machine.

Through a Direct Aggregator

Through a direct aggregator is like using a referral or recommendation. It is faster and the most recommended way to get an Opay POS machine.

To access a direct aggregator, you will need an established Opay agent to help you with his or her aggregator’s phone number, and that’s all.

What are the things you need to apply as an Opay agent

How to get an Opay POS machine

Before you apply to become an Opay gent, (whether you are applying via the app, at their office, or through a direct aggregator), there are things that you must provide before the whole application process can begin. Such things are;

  • Valid ID Card (NIMC, Voters card, International passport, or Drivers license)
  • Nepa Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • Passport Photograph (a selfie can also be accepted)
  • Bank Statement
  • BVN
  • Email Address
  • Signature

For the Signature, you can sign on a white plain piece of paper, snap it and send it to the aggregator (if you are registering through a direct aggregator), or snap and send it through the Opay app if you are applying via the app.

The reason for the BVN is because of the CBN policy on “Know Your Customer (KYC)”

What are the things you can do on the Opay POS machine?

The things you can do with an Opay machine are dependent on the type of Opay machine you were able to secure for your POS business.

For the Mini POS, you can basically do everything because it is controlled via the phone app. The only limitation is that you will need to buy an external mini printer machine that is Bluetooth-enabled.

For the Andriod POS, you can do everything from withdrawals, transfers, paying bills, checking customers’ balances, airtime, and many other transaction-related things to printing transaction receipts.

For the Traditional POS, there are a few things you can do with it such as; withdrawals and transfers, and also print transaction receipts.

In addition, Opay has a very tight security system against fraud from both end users ( customers and agents).

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I hope this article was beneficial to you.

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.

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    1. Because it operating system is limited. And the make of the POS is not designed to accept higher operating system.

  1. Hi… Please what are the benefits of being an opay merchant? Also, does that require a different app and pos machine? Thank you for your help.

    1. The benefits of being an Opay merchant is, you get to make money for yourself and have control over the POS is you acquired it through outright purchase.

      As for the app, yes you will need a Merchant Opay app

  2. I need handroid pos, please how can I get it faster and their nearest office my place is lakowe ibeju lekki thanks

    1. Getting an Opay POS Never takes time, you can get it the same day of application if you guarantee them of POS usage.

      All you need to do is to locate their office closest to you (you can do that by calling their customer care; google opay customer care number) or you connect with an Opay aggregator (i explained how to connect with opay aggregators in the article)

  3. My account on opay is in tire 3 level can they give me the POS through the app in a few day of application also am a merchant user on the opay business app.thanks

    1. Applying through the app is like waiting forever. It is best you either locate and aggregator through an opay pos agent or you go to their office and apply yourself.

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