Sola Sobowale: Scandal, Biography, Net Worth

Nollywood star Sola Sobowale has spoken out against rumors that she was arrested and died in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking. On the ‘Teju Baby Face Show,’ the 58-year-old actress set the record straight, saying these rumors have haunted her for years.

Sobowale explained that false stories followed her when she went to the UK. One of the wildest claims was that she was caught trafficking drugs in Saudi Arabia. She laughed off the absurdity, saying she’d never been to Saudi Arabia, let alone done anything illegal there.

She shared how rumors reached a peak, with stories of her arrest, amputation, and death circulating. Despite the hurtful rumors, Sobowale stayed strong, finding peace in her faith and being grateful for the good things in her life.

She also mentioned other untrue stories, like her supposedly working odd jobs in London or selling food in her sister’s restaurant. Despite all this, Sobowale stayed resilient, thanks to her upbringing and her love for her children.

But who is Sola Sobowale:

Full nameSola Sobowale
Date of birth26th December 1965
Place of birthOndo, Nigeria
Age58 years (as of 2023)
HusbandOludotun Sobowale
Number of Children5
Names of ChildrenOyeyemi Olugboyega Ajiboye (Boy), Taiwo Sobowale (Girl), Kehinde Sobowale (Girl), Mimi Sobowale (Girl), Last one is Unknown
OccupationActress, screenwriter, director, and producer
Net worth$450,000
EducationBachelor of Science in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan

Who is Sola Sobowale

Sola Sobowale was born on December 26, 1965, in Ondo State, Nigeria. She grew up in a loving home with her parents, Joseph and Esther Olagookun, who were both teachers. They taught her the importance of education and discipline while she attended primary and secondary school in Ondo.


When Sobowale went to the University of Ibadan, she started studying Music. But her love for acting led her to switch her major to Theatre Arts. This change kickstarted her acting career, which would become very successful over the years.

Even though her parents wanted her to become a teacher like them, Sobowale was determined to pursue acting. Her brother-in-law, Tunji Oyelana, who was an actor, singer, and lecturer, helped convince her parents to support her dream. With his guidance, Sobowale entered the acting world and worked hard to improve her skills.

Sola Sobowale Acting Career Journey:

She began her acting journey in plays like “Sura the Tailor” and “Village Headmaster,” facing challenges but never giving up. In 2001, she got her big break in the TV series “Super Story: Oh Father, Oh Daughter,” where she played Toyin Tomato. This role made her famous and showed off her talent to everyone. The role not only catapulted her to stardom but also earned her the enduring nickname “Toyin Tomato,” a testament to the impact of her performance.

Sobowale’s acting career has been full of diverse roles, from Toyin Tomato to characters in hit movies like “King of Boys” and “The Wedding Party.” She’s loved by audiences for her talent and charm.

Family Life:

Outside of acting, Sobowale is also a devoted wife to Oludotun Sobowale and mother to 5 kids; “Oyeyemi Olugboyega Ajiboye (Boy), Taiwo Sobowale (Girl), Kehinde Sobowale (Girl), Mimi Sobowale (Girl), Last one is Unknown”.

Her dedication to her family and her work has made her a respected figure in Nigerian cinema, admired for her talent, resilience, and grace.

Sola Sobowale Net Worth

Sola Sobowale is a respected veteran in Nigerian movies, known for her amazing talent and making a lot of money from her work. She’s worth around $450,000, making her one of Nigeria’s richest actresses.

Most of her money comes from acting. She’s been in the industry for more than 40 years and has acted in over 70 movies. She’s famous for roles like Toyin Tomato in the Super Story series and for her great acting in hit films like “King of Boys” and “The Wedding Party.”

Besides acting, Sobowale has also written scripts, directed movies, and produced them, which helps her earn even more money. In 2010, she wrote, produced, and directed the Yoruba movie “Ohun Oko Somida,” showing her skills behind the camera.

Sobowale isn’t just famous in movies; she’s also popular with big brands. She’s worked as a brand ambassador for companies like Mouka Foams, BSTAN Homes, and Globacom, promoting their products and services and making more money.

Even though she took a break from acting to focus on family and other things, Sobowale made a big comeback in 2016. Her hard work, talent, and dedication have made her a big name in Nollywood and helped her become very successful financially.

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