The reason why some people find it difficult to be successful at their workplace, after giving their all to a particular project, is because they never took a break from work or from that particular project.

This article enlightens us on the importance of taking a break from work or a project

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” -Alan Cohen]

There is a thin line between taking a break and giving up.

Meaning if you are not careful, you will think you are still on break from that work or project, not knowing you’ve given up.

Taking a Break from work actually doesn’t have an exact time frame for resumption.

For instance, when I take a break from work or from a particular project, be it personal or professional, I don’t set a particular date for return until I get the go from my mind to resume.

Except the project demands urgent completion, that is when I fix a particular date and time to resume.

I have spent days, months, and even a year on breaks from several projects.

After the break, I just notice how excellent I have become in strength and ideas.

The question now is; “When Do I Need to Take a Break From Work or From a Project?”

When you’ve given much of your time to a particular project and it seems not working out, at this point a break is necessary.

Get engaged with something that brings fun to you to wane off the work stress.

Everyone has what brings fun to them.

For me hanging out with friends, sleeping, eating, playing a video game, watching a football match on TV, or a meaningful movie.

Find what brings fun to you and engage in them.

Taking a break refreshes your mind with new better ideas, and strength to achieve more.

But be careful, so your taking a break won’t end you Giving Up.

But how Do I Know I’ve Not Given Up?

There will still be a burning fire or love for the project within you.

It could be little or very little.

But as long as it is still there, be rest assured your mind is working on producing better ideas to get great results.


Most times, the Fear of not being able to hold onto the positive side of the project is what leads to failure, generally classified as giving up.

This article is put together to help you overcome your fears.

I know you enjoyed this short article.

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