5 Cheap Affordable cars you can use for Uber and Bolt

The advantage of owning your own car in the ride-hailing business is very enormous and even to the extent of giving you peace of mind.

On the other hand, going for a hired car could be very stressful, mostly when the car is second-hand. After paying for the car, the car becomes third-hand “nearly to death”.

So getting your car in this ride-sharing business is something you should and must consider.

I know that as a potential driver in this cab business, one of the major storming blocks you have purchasing your car is the thought that all cars are expensive.

Worry no more, as in this article I will be showing you 5 cheap affordable cars you can use for Uber, Bolt, or other ride-hailing businesses in Nigeria.

These listed cars are not only based on their prices but also on their capacity, fewer issues of breaking down, affordable parts, and lower cost of maintenance.

You can get these cars for as low as N1, 250,000 for Nigeria use and below N3,00,000 for foreign use.

Please just in case you decide to go for these second-used cars, take a professional mechanic to accompany you to inspect the car.

But nevertheless, I have written an article on things to check out when inspecting used cars.  The article is enriched with enough knowledge to inspect a used foreign or Nigerian car.

The first on my list of these cheap and affordable cars are;

1. Hyundai Elantra 2005 and above

Hyundai Elantra 2005

This Hyundai product has fantastic gas mileage known as the MPG (mile per gallon).

In the city, they have 25MPG while on the highway they have 33MPG when combined they have an average of 28MPG.

This can be compared with the popular Toyota Corolla which is currently expensive due to its high demand in the market.

Two things that make this car recommended for the ride-sharing business are;

  1. Less fuel consumption.
  2. No overheating, unlike the previous generation of Hyundai cars.

You can get the Hyundai Elantra for 1,250,000 – 3,000,000 naira (Nigeria used) while for foreign used, you can get it from 3,000,000 – 5,00,000 million naira depending on the condition of the car and the mileage.

2. Honda Civic

2005 Honda Civic
2005 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic car from 2003 onward is a very fantastic vehicle that can be used for the ride-hailing business.

It has fantastic gas mileage; “35MPG on the highway, 26MPG in the city, while combined is 30MPG”. So you save more on fuel.

Things that make the vehicle recommended are;

  1. less fuel consumption.
  2. Hardly break down

You can get a Nigerian used Honda Civic for about N1, 350,000 to N1,800,000 while for foreign use you can get it for about N2,000,000 to N3,000,000.

3. Honda City 2003 and above

Honda City 2003

The Honda city no doubt is a very fantastic car. It comes with a 1.5-litters engine, it has 4 cylinders.

The only reason why people don’t like this car is that there is nothing luxurious about the car.

But it is a very fantastic car that comes with very low gas mileage which makes it comparable with the Honda Civic vehicle.

The Honda City has a city gas mileage of 30 miles per gallon (MPG), a highway of 36MPG, and a combination of 32MPG.

I say it again it is a very fantastic vehicle and can be used for the ride-sharing business conveniently.

A Nigeria-used Honda City can be gotten from a price range of N1,500,000 to N2,500,000 naira depending on the condition of the car. While a foreign Honda City can be gotten for about N2,000,000 to N3,500,000 naira.

4. Nissan Sunny

Nissan sunny 2005

This is very underrated and I must say I barely see the car on the road these days because everybody wants a Toyota Corolla.

Nissan which happens to be a Japanese product is known to make very good cars with strong engines and transmission systems.

They have a very fantastic gas mileage of about 28MPG in the city, 32MPG on the highway, and a combined of 30 miles per gallon.

With the original engine and transmission, this car can run 2,000 miles conveniently same as the other 3 previously mentioned cars.

You can see Nissan Sunny below N2,600,000 naira Nigeria used, for foreign use I don’t have an idea.

The only problem with using this car recently is that bolt no longer approves this car, but uber might still accept it.

5. Peugeot 406


This car is the least car any uber or bolt driver will consider. But the truth is, this car is well accepted by uber and bolt companies.

This car is the best car you can use for this ride-sharing business and you will save a lot of money on fuel. It has 38MPG on the Highway and 32MPG on the City drive.

With N1,200,000 to N1,850,000 naira, you can get a decent Nigeria-used Peugeot 406, for foreign prices it ranges from N3,000,000 to N6,000,000 naira


All cars listed in this article were to the best of my knowledge accepted by bolt and uber as of the time this article was published. But you know as the year goes by changes are bound to be made especially by raising the standard.

If you consider all these prices and compare them with going for a hire car, you will discover that having your own car is more convenient and enjoyable than going for a hire car.

And it is only when you own the car that you can set your work time and relaxation time.

When you are on a hire purchase the only thing that you think about is how to make your daily pay and that keeps you on the road always which is not good for you and your vehicle as both of you can easily break down.

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I hope you enjoyed this article: 5 Cheap Affordable Cars You Can Use for Uber and Bolt in Nigeria

This article will be updated from time to time and please note the prices stated are for the least models accepted by Bolt and Uber

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  1. Hello, your article was very informative. Thank you so much. Can you kindly share where all this car could be purchase in Nigeria

  2. Please you said bolt no longer accept Nissan Sunny 2005! What could be their reason, because I just got this particular car for the purpose of using it for Bolt. Kindly confirm this.

    1. I really don’t their reasons, but I once heard the car breaks down often. But they might have reversed the decision.

      I urge you to confirm from them yourself.

    1. Obviously inflation. The price as at the time I wrote this article and now can never be the same

    1. The last time I enquired, they had an issue accepting any kind of Nissan. So you should go to their office and confirm their recent update

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