uber and bolt drivers' secrets

There are secrets to this ride-sharing business if you intend to make it big in this Uber or Bolt business.

Many drivers won’t share this with you because they feel if most drivers are knowledgeable of these facts it will directly affect their earnings.

I don’t blame them for being secretive about these experiential facts because they made a lot of mistakes before they mastered these facts that are now sealed as secrets.

But in these articles have been able to gather these secrets and if you follow through well, you will be able to make as high as above 300k in a month with fewer recurrent expenses.

1. Don’t accept all trip request

I know, as a beginner accepting rides of all kinds is your hobby. But the truth is you must be selective with the ride you take as some of them will bring more loss than gains.

And some will take your time more than others.

So in other not to be in any of those categories of loss in this business, it is advised that you stay away from areas that are red-flagged.

There are actually two criteria that determine if an area is red-flagged:

a. Lack of securities

If the area that the rider wants to go or be taken from is an area that is known for criminal activities, it is advised both for your own safety and your car’s safety not to accept that trip.

What do you do when you find yourself in such a situation? You must cancel the ride.

But if you notice that your cancelation rate is high, you will have to tell the rider to cancel the trip. The reason is that a high rate of cancelation from you can get you penalized.

I wrote an article on why drivers’ accounts get blocked the knowledge in the article complements this article.

The only persons that will be having issues locating red-flagged areas in his/her city or state of residence are the new folks who choose to run as ride-hailing drivers for uber or bolt in the city.

So, please if you are part of the new folks’ category ask a lot of questions so you won’t fall victim, as a lot of people have lost their lives and cars just by accepting rides in these areas.

b. Traffic Jam

There are some areas that are the definition of traffic congestion.

This traffic congestion is not really obvious in most states in Nigeria, but places like Lagos; “particularly the mainland” are known for traffic jams.

This means, if you stay in Lagos, it is advised you don’t take rides that will leave you in traffic for hours.

I know, that already-established drivers think being in traffic while on a trip will give them more money.

That’s one of the biggest deceptions in this business. Because at the end of the day, the rider will report you and not even rate you at all.

I believe if you have been following through with these series, you ought to know by now what bad ratings do to your earnings and your account in the long run.

In conclusion, you make more money and even good ratings when you pick up and drop off riders without any delay in the trip.

The solution to this traffic jam brings me to the number two (2) secret.

2. Utilize the Urban areas in your city or state till your closing hour

The urban areas are less traffic-jammed and more profitable.

Apart from that, you get to meet more intelligent people and of course more tips after trips.

In addition, there are tightened securities.

Using Lagos as an example, you are going to make more money on the island than on the mainland. I know some people will argue with this fact.

But it is more logical, you have more riders’ pull on the island than on the mainland.

The roads are wider and no traffic to keep you in one spot for a long time. So you can always do more trips than on the mainland.

And if by any chance you decide to take a trip away from the island to the mainland let it be on a surge (high price).

But if it is not a surge it is advised not to take the ride except you are going home.

And most times there is always a surge in the morning and in the evening because of the high demand, you can always take advantage of that when you go home.

3. Be Nice to riders

Being nice to riders can earn you tips and apart from that, it makes you more like a serious businessman.

I know sometimes some of these riders can be annoying and will always get on your nerves.

But as the businessman that you are, it is necessary that you don’t let the external force get to you, because, at the end of the day, it is your earnings that will be affected.

At all times, please put on a nice facial expression as it will help you a lot on and off this driving business and probably get you some stars which are better than tips.

4. Leave your house early

In this ride-sharing business, it is recommended you wake up early and hit the road as the demand in the morning is high with fewer active drivers compared to in the evening where there is also high rider pull but surplus drivers.

There are drivers who actually go for the early morning and late evening trips and still make good cash. That’s how potential the early morning and late evening trips are with surge inclusive.

Part of the advantage of the morning rides is, you get to meet less traffic on the way.

The time to actually wake up to hit the road totally depends on your state time.

What I mean by that is; “in Lagos for instance, as early as 5am the number of people you see on the road is more than the number of people you see in some states during the busy hours.

So, in such a state as Lagos, it is advisable you are up early as 4am and if you decide to wake up late it shouldn’t be more than 5am.

With your understanding of the state where you are, you should know the appropriate time you need to hit the road in your state.

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