The year 2024 is not something you want to joke with, in case you happen to have joked with 2023.

The reason is, the potentials of 2024 outweigh the potentials that 2023 brought.

And these potentials are not loose cannons, there are things you must intentionally do to reap them.

And part of those things is the most lucrative skills that will be in high demand in 2024.

The skills I will be sharing are sensitive to locations.

1. Nurses And Doctors

Nurses And Doctors

Since the rise of Covid-19, the demand for nurses and doctors is on the rise like never before.

Most developed countries are importing nurses from underdeveloped countries because they need more assistance in this service.

And with the rise of the Omicron virus, there is a high probability that the demand for nurses will double or triple this year.

I know you reading this article might be thinking:  “how can I acquire this skill with my age or with the time demanded”.

You must know that there are different aspects of nursing; “registered nurse, nursing assistant, cardiac nurse, family nurse, etc.

If you don’t have this skill at all you can start as an assistant nurse, as it takes between four(4) to twelve(12) weeks.

And for the currently certified doctors, I must say this is your year of breakthrough.

2. Algorithm Technician/Engineer

The algorithm means the procedure, formula, or ways of solving problems (mostly recurrent problems). And this procedure or formula is conducted based on a sequence (arrangement) of specified actions.

For instance, If you search for a word on google, the algorithm is what is behind the result google gives you.

So as an algorithm technician/Engineer, many persons and organizations are in need of this skill, as the world is not just going global but also digital.

And because of that, giving customers their right searches is the only way sales can be made.

You can easily learn this skill online for free.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

This skill is all about using a computer or robot to do human tasks.

Artificial intelligence is a whole different world that you must get knowledgeable of before you boldly say you are one.

You can also get free courses online concerning this skill. Just ask google.

4. Coder/ Programmer

Coder and Programmer

The world as you know is global, and little to nothing is written on tangible papers in organizations.

And because of this evolution, programmers are needed.

These coders/programmers have been on the increase since the late 90s and are still very much in need. In fact, it has been said that a time will come when you can’t code you will be termed illiterate.

The process of learning coding is very easy and affordable.

If you can’t afford a physical coding tutor because the tutor you are learning from is a professional and as such has placed a high value on his services, I advise you to search online as there are free courses available online that can turn you into a coder in the shortest time.

In the case you want to learn how to code from the basics, then ischool is a recommended platform for you.

5. Teacher


Teaching is a never-out-of-demand job.

Even Covid-19 couldn’t stop, rather it boosted the demand for teaching jobs as parents started subscribing to home tutors.

Next year will be no exemption as more teachers will be needed.

So if you know you have a gift to teach and your students will understand then I advise you to consider going into this field next year.

Please don’t go into teaching for the money if you know you are not gifted in this field.

6. Cryptocurrency trader.

Cryptocurrency trader

Obviously, this is not a business that needs an introduction, because it has been in demand since the inception of the first cryptocurrency.

And now according to research, crypto traders will be needed next year in high demand, because there is an anticipation of more trades next year.

But even if the anticipation turns out negative, it still can’t hinder the demand for cryptocurrency traders.

7. Web Developer

Web Developer

These are people in website design. Like my site, it was a web developer that did it for me.

And as a web developer, you get to charge for your service.

The only thing required of this skill is that you are good and can easily find a solution to problems when your client calls.

The good thing about being a web developer is, “a client sticks with you for as long as he or she still makes use of the website you developed for him/her”

That is why your skill must be up-to-date because the moment your client brings a problem to you on the basis of the website and you fail to resolve it, your client will seek a solution elsewhere.

And if it happens that your clients get a solution elsewhere, you’ve lost that client forever.

8. Content Creator

Content Creator

Every website’s survival is dependent on the content they have for its end-users to consume.

Trust me when I tell you it is stressful and time-consuming to come up with content as a website owner.

And as such, there is a need to be satisfied. That is where content creators come in.

If you know you are skilled in writing articles in any category, I advise you to consider coming into this industry

The only requirement for survival in this industry is that your content must be well-written and original.

A good place to start selling your skills will be on Fiverr.

And you can pitch yourself to website owners that barely update their website with fresh articles.

If you happen to be one, you can pitch to me, as I am in need of content creators.

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9. Blockchain Engineering/Developer Skill

Blockchain developers are those behind the success of all cryptocurrencies.

What they basically do, is to make sure that the whole system is secured from hackers, and it is fast and reliable.

Having this skill will require you to have both coding and algorithm skills.

It will obviously take time to acquire this skill, but the time really worth it, because the pay is nothing less than a six-figure.

10. Sales


Sales will always be among the top skills to acquire till tomorrow.

Even though the world is going global, and most things are now moving to the online world, sales is something that will always be required because you need skills to have successful online sales.

Sales go as far as having phycological knowledge of how your customers think just for the sake of knowing how to convince them.

Besides to have successful pitching of your skills requires sales. That is how important sales skill is.

11. Network Administrator

An IT professional whose job in an organization is mainly the maintenance of all the company’s computers,

This goes beyond just the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), it also involves the up-to-date software and Hardware of all the company’s computers.

And general maintenance of the computers.

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