What business can I start with no money or experience?

If you’re prepared to embark on your entrepreneurial journey but have unanswered questions such as; “What business can I start with no money or experience?”

Your question will be answered in this article, as we will be revealing a wide range of online and offline business ideas that you can explore, even if you have a limited budget.

Content Creator

Creating a business around content, whether you’re an “influencer,” “content creator,” or “social media enthusiast,” can result in an average annual income of $85K.

However, success doesn’t come instantly; it requires the creation of compelling and regular content that attracts an audience you can monetize. It’s advisable to concentrate on a niche you’re knowledgeable about and passionate about discussing.

Seek input from friends to identify your niche. Any area of interest, such as baking or archery, can serve as a niche as long as there’s a community of fans to engage with and valuable content to generate.

After you have gained a substantial following, here’s a guide to transforming your content creation into a lucrative business:

  • Merchandise Sales: Offer products related to your brand or content that resonate with your audience.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Engage in brand partnerships and receive a commission for endorsing their products or services to your audience.
  • Brand Sponsorships: Partner with companies that align with your niche and receive compensation for featuring their products or endorsing their brand.
  • Sponsored Posts: Create sponsored content in collaboration with brands and receive payment for promoting their offerings to your audience.
  • TikTok Creator Fund: If you’re active on TikTok, explore the opportunities provided by their Creator Fund, which allows you to earn money based on your content’s performance.
  • Start a Patreon: Establish a Patreon page where you can offer exclusive content or perks to your dedicated fans in exchange for their financial support.

Grab your phone and begin creating. The only investments required are your time and creativity.

Consulting Business

Consider starting your own consulting business as a potential entrepreneurial venture, depending on your industry and skill set.

By offering your expertise and guidance to other businesses, you can provide valuable insights and solutions to various challenges they face.

The beauty of consulting businesses lies in their low initial investment requirements, particularly when conducted online.

To commence this business, you only require a dependable internet connection and the necessary marketing materials.

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Social Media Marketing

As a small business, there are various facets of social media marketing you can engage in.

For instance, you can provide services like social media management or developing an online presence for small business owners across different social media platforms.

Unlike some other businesses online, It’s a business that requires no upfront investment, only social media expertise, making it a relatively cost-effective venture to begin.

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Dropshipping has emerged as a popular business model among aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to establish a small-scale enterprise without a significant financial investment.

The concept is rather simple: create an online store and partner with a dropshipping supplier such as DSers or AliExpress.

When a customer visits your online store and makes a purchase, the orders are automatically sent to your supplier.

Who then takes responsibility to package and ship the items directly to your customer without your inputs.

One of the most enticing aspects of dropshipping is its affordability. Unlike traditional retail models that require purchasing inventory upfront and storing it in costly warehouses, dropshipping eliminates such expenses. Instead, you only pay for the inventory when it is sold.

The concept of print on demand revolves around customizing products like tote bags, t-shirts, or caps with personalized designs and making them available for purchase based on individual orders.

Suppliers like Printful and Printify specialize in printing your unique designs on their inventory, handling the shipping process directly to your customers.

The catch in this business is; you are only charged for their services after you have received payment from your customers.

Similar to dropshipping, this business model minimizes upfront costs as you only pay for inventory when a customer places an order.

Moreover, the print-on-demand model eliminates the requirement for storage costs, making it a compelling choice for initiating a business without any initial investment.


When it comes to podcasting, your success relies more on connections than capital. The key to creating an outstanding podcast lies in delivering high-quality content.

Depending on your chosen format, you can either secure interviews with influential individuals or share your own expertise.

Fortunately, building these connections typically doesn’t require a financial investment. Influencers are often motivated to join podcasts for increased exposure rather than monetary compensation.

However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to establish a substantial audience for your podcast before you can monetize it.

Alternatively, having the right connections can also be advantageous.

There are several ways to make money through podcasting such as:

  1. Podcast subscriptions: Offer exclusive content to subscribers who pay to access your episodes.
  2. Donations: Request contributions from your audience to support and sustain the show. If you consistently provide valuable content, your fans will be willing to contribute. Consider setting up a Patreon account to offer additional perks and rewards to donors.
  3. Sponsorships: Seek local or prominent sponsors who are willing to pay for advertising and shoutouts on your podcast channel.
  4. Affiliate marketing: Promote and sell products from other companies on your podcast, earning a commission for each referred purchase.
  5. E-commerce: Sell your own physical goods, courses, e-books, or branded merchandise to generate revenue.

In terms of expenses, it’s advisable to invest in a decent microphone and basic recording software.

While eventually upgrading your setup may be beneficial, you can start with your laptop’s built-in microphone and utilize free audio-editing software such as Audacity or Audiotool in the early stages.

Additionally, you will need to allocate funds for podcast hosting services. Platforms like Buzzsprout or Captivate typically require a monthly subscription fee ranging from $10 to $20, which should be factored into your budget.

Also, Soundcloud is another good platform to host your podcast for free.


Blogging is often portrayed as a quick path to a six-figure income within a few months.

While there is indeed potential to earn the six-figure income from blogging, it is important to approach it with a realistic mindset, while maintaining a sense of optimism.

Starting a blog doesn’t require much.

This may involve some financial investment, but it provides greater flexibility for future monetization strategies.

To get started, you will have to create a user-friendly website that typically incorporates integrated blogging features.

The costs associated with website hosting and domain registration typically amount to around $100-$200 per year, offering ample functionality to kickstart your blogging journey.

Without omitting the important things, you need a computer and a steady internet.

Once you have built an audience and consistent website traffic, you can explore various avenues for monetization:

Below are ways you can monetize your blogging website;

  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising (that is display of ads)
  • By asking readers for Donations
  • Memberships Subscriptions
  • Sponsorships from companies who want to promote their products.

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House-Sitting Business

Another business worth considering is establishing a service-based business like house sitting. This entails taking care of homes while owners are away, which involves tasks such as monitoring utilities, collecting mail, and tending to plants. Starting a house sitting business requires minimal initial investment, but its profitability can vary depending on the location.

Embarking on a house sitting venture allows you to provide a valuable service to homeowners in need of assistance while they are away. By assuming responsibility for their properties and ensuring their well-being, you can establish a trustworthy reputation within the community.

The startup costs are relatively low, the success and profitability of the business will largely depend on the demand for such services in your specific area.

Dog Walking

If you have a passion for dogs, why not consider providing dog walking services in your local neighborhood? Starting a dog walking business requires minimal capital investment and can offer valuable assistance to your community.

However, it’s essential to research local and state regulations as you may need liability insurance before getting started.

Offering dog walking services allows you to combine your love for dogs with a profitable venture.

Many pet owners struggle to find the time to give their furry friends the exercise they need, making your services in high demand.

With minimal startup costs, such as basic supplies like leashes and waste bags, you can quickly establish your business and start serving the pet owners in your community.

Prior to starting your operations, it is essential to acquaint yourself with any regulations or obligations concerning liability insurance in your locality.

This will guarantee that you operate within the legal framework, deliver a professional service, and safeguard both yourself and your clients.

Freelance web design

Aside from writing, there are numerous freelance services you can explore, such as website design, provided you acquire the necessary training.

Web designing means; offering your expertise to business owners who require an online presence.

The advantage is that you do not require a business license to operate this business, thereby making it easy to start.

Expanding your freelance services to include website design allows you to tap into a growing demand for online presence.

Many businesses recognize the importance of having a professional and visually appealing website to engage with their target audience.

With the relevant training and skills, you can assist them in creating functional and visually appealing websites that align with their branding and business objectives.

It’s worth noting that operating a website development business does not require a business license.

This streamlines the initial steps and enables you to concentrate on refining your design skills and establishing a clientele.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to prioritize the continuous updating of your knowledge and skills to remain competitive in the dynamic realm of web design.


If you’re seeking a business idea that doesn’t necessitate any initial investment and requires minimal to no experience, becoming a vlogger is an outstanding choice to explore.

Many individuals have built thriving businesses on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, leveraging live streaming and vlogging.

Although there might be a need for investing in equipment like a camera and microphone, you can also choose to commence vlogging using your phone camera and mic without spending a dim.

Becoming a vlogger enables you to share your passion, expertise, or distinctive viewpoint with an online audience.

By consistently creating high-quality and compelling content, you can attract followers and monetize your vlogging channel through various means.


An alternative choice available for individuals proficient in multiple languages is to provide translation services.

These services can be rendered either online or in person, encompassing various options such as live translation, simultaneous translation, and document translation.

Commencing a translation business can be approached through diverse avenues, contingent upon your skill level and availability to cater to clients across the globe.

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