In this article on how to make money from X social media (formerly known as Twitter), we will show you how you can make money from your content in 4 easy steps

How to Turn Your Content into Revenue on X Social Media: Content Monetization

In the rapidly changing world of social media, where trends constantly evolve. X Social Media, formerly known as Twitter, has taken a new stride in empowering its users to monetize their content.

Amidst the buzz surrounding Elon Musk’s ad revenue-sharing program on its newly acquired social media X (formerly Twitter), it’s essential to separate fact from fiction and grasp the genuine methods to capitalize on your content monetization.

Contrary to rumors, having a STRIPES account isn’t obligatory for eligibility in X social media ad revenue sharing, and users outside the United States, like in Nigeria, can partake in the monetization journey.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to turn your content into revenue on X Social Media.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Revenue on X Social Media (Formerly Twitter) via Your Tweets

A Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Revenue on X Social Media (Formerly Twitter) via Your Tweets

1. Verify Your Account with Twitter Blue:

First and foremost, take the initiative to verify your X Social Media account through the Twitter Blue subscription service.

Overcoming location restrictions is possible by utilizing a VPN on the TwitterX mobile app or accessing the platform through the desktop browser. The verification process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Click on the Twitter Blue option (Mobile users) or Verified Option (Desktop Users) to proceed to the payment page as an Individual or as an Organization.
  2. Choose between monthly and annual subscription plans.
  3. Complete the payment using your Nigerian Naira debit card.

2. Monetization Application:

Once your X Social Media account gains verification, it’s time to delve into the monetization process. Remember to access your account via a laptop instead of a mobile device.

Before you can proceed with the monetization, you must have met all the eligibility requirements, which are;

  • Subscribe to Twitter Blue as an Individual or a Verified Organisation
  • Active in the past 30 days (Subscriptions only)
  • Be at least 18 years old (Subscriptions only)
  • Have at least 15 million impressions on your posts within the last 3 months (Ads Revenue Sharing only)

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be given the good ✅ sign beside each eligibility criterion, and an option to “Continue Application”

Navigate to the ‘Monetization’ section at the left corner of your profile.

Pictorial explanation on how to locate the monetization option on X social media Desktop View

Here, you’ll encounter two intriguing options:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Ad Revenue Sharing

For now, focus on the second option, ‘Ad Revenue Sharing.’ Clicking on it opens a new window with two choices:

a) Create a STRIPES account
b) Link an existing STRIPES account

Opt for the first choice, ‘Create a STRIPES account.’

3. Create a STRIPES account

To set up a new Stripes account through X social media account for payment, follow these steps to proceed:

1. Input your email address and Nigerian phone number.

Progress through the prompts until you reach the contact information page.

2. Upload a valid identity card, such as your International Passport, Driver’s License, or National ID Card.

Continue through the process until you encounter the section for Nigerian bank details.

3. Input your Bank Details and Swift Code.

At this juncture, it’s crucial to input your accurate Nigerian bank details and the correct bank Swift code.

If you’re uncertain about your bank’s Swift code, consider reaching out to your bank or conducting a quick Google search.

Remember, Alongside the accurate Swift code, include your correct and active Nigerian bank account number to complete this step.

4. Finalizing Your Monetization Setup

With the bank details in place, you’re almost ready to embark on your monetization journey. The final steps will guide you through a verification process for your STRIPES account and the option to enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.

After the completion of these steps, you can start making money from tweeting on X social media (formerly Twitter) just like that no hassle😎.


Final Thought on making money by tweeting on X Social Media

Monetizing your content on X Social Media (formerly Twitter) has transcended the realm of rumors and complexities.

By following these meticulous steps; Verify Your Account with Twitter Blue, Monetization Application, Create a STRIPES account, and Finalize Your Monetization Setup through the verification process for your STRIPES account.

You can seamlessly unlock the potential to earn revenue from your online content on X social media.

Remember that perseverance and accuracy are key in this journey. As you step into the world of content monetization, embrace the possibilities, and may your content flourish as you reap the rewards.

Feel free to reach out if this guide has been helpful on your path to monetization. Cheers to your success in the realm of X Social Media monetization! 🥂

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