Online business that pays daily

Online money-making business in Nigeria is no news to anyone, as there are people who make a living from Online businesses.

If you’re in Nigeria, you might be wondering if there are any online businesses that pay daily.

The good news is, there are plenty of options available. You can find online businesses that pay daily, with free registration and without any investment whatsoever.

But to see an online business that pays daily in Nigeria is one piece of information that is not easy to come by, as there are many fake and time-wasting online businesses out there on the internet.

One of the most appealing aspects of these legit online businesses I will be mentioning in this blog post is that they pay in US dollars.

This means you can earn money in a currency that is stronger than the Nigerian naira, giving you more purchasing power than your government is trying to give you lol.

And if you’re a student, there are online businesses that can pay you daily from the comfort of your hostel, your room, or in whatever way you want to put it. -But what I’m trying to say is; “the pay is at your own schedule”.

In this article, I will be showing you the 7 Highest Paying Online businesses that pay daily.

But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

You want to make sure you’re choosing a legitimate online business that pays daily.

And you will need a PayPal account to checkout (withdraw) your revenue.

I know there have been some difficulties when it comes to opening a Paypal account in Nigeria that can both send and receive money.

Worry no more as I have done thorough research and explained in the easiest way possible in my previous article: how you can open a Paypal account in Nigeria that can both receive and send money without using VPN to change your location.

And in addition to how I will be sharing this online business that pays daily, I will be grouping the online businesses in one header based on similarities. -You will understand what I’m saying when you continue reading.

And trust me, the focus of this content will be on the latest and best online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.

Here is the list of online business that pays daily in Nigeria;

1. Survey

I decided to start with this popular one that everyone is familiar with.
And there is no one in Nigeria who will say he had not tried out Online surveys for money.

Online Survey is one online business that will never be extinct globally.

Because, for a business to survive long, it must know how satisfied its customers are and the areas that need improvement. -That is what online and offline business survey helps to achieve.

Paid online surveys offer a quick and convenient way to make some extra cash during your spare time.

And the best part is; You can complete them from the comfort of your own home. -That I believe you know already❗️

Whether you’re looking for online survey jobs in Nigeria or just want to earn money online by completing surveys, there are plenty of options out there.

But only a few are either the highest paying online surveys or they accept people from Nigeria.

But in these online survey jobs, I will not only provide you with the highest paying online surveys but also with the best online survey websites to get started with.

And to top it all they all accept people from Nigeria “at least as at the time of my research”.

Here are the top highest-paying online surveys website that accepts Nigerians.

  1. SurveyTime
  2. OfferNation
  4. CitizenMe
  5. TGMresearch
  6. ySense
  7. Mobiworkx
  8. TimeBucks
  9. Triaba
  10. Swagbucks
  11. FeaturePoints
  12. SurveyNow

Though they are few, it’s because I carefully selected them. But when i discover more, I will add them up in the updated version.

In addition, if you have some online surveys websites that you have tried out and you want me to include them, let me know in the comment section below. –Remember we rise by lifting others

2. Money Making Apps

Money making apps are another popular way to make money online through the use of smartphones.

With so many money making apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are legit and which ones are not worth your time.

Whether you’re looking for the best money-making apps for Android phones, or the best money-making apps for iPhones, there are plenty of options available.

When most people who are looking for an online business that pays daily, hear about money making apps, most of them think is another survey platform in Apps format.

But in reality, money making apps go beyond survey apps as there are diverse kind of money-making apps; from cashback apps to simply completing tasks like watching videos or playing games.

If you’re looking for the best app to make money online, it is important to do your research and find an app that is both reliable and offers a fair payout.

But in this section, I will be listing some of the top legit money making apps, including money making apps that accept Nigerians.

  1. SagaPoll
  2. Gamee
  3. HoneyGain
  4. MoneyApp
  5. Current Reward (Only for iOS)
  6. Mode Earn App(Android users only)
  7. Toloka App
  8. StreetBees
  9. OldMutual Rewards
  10. Skillz
  11. Sweatcoin
  12. Opinion App
  13. Toluna Influencer

And that Is all I have been able to come up with from my research. There are many other money making apps out there, you can also do your own personal research.

Note; Because most of the money-making apps are linked to Google Playstore doesn’t mean they are not accessible for iOS users, except the ones specified only for iOS or Andriod users.

The link to Google Playstore is just to give iPhone users a pictorial view of what the apps will look like in the Apple App Store.

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3. Website that pays you for chatting

Website that pays you for chatting

This one might seem a bit strange to many people just as it was strange to me when I first stumbled on it during the course of my research on online business that pays daily.

And you might start wondering or probably start asking yourself; “Can I get paid to text chat?”

Yes, you can get paid to text chat. Not only to text chat and get paid but also to get paid for video chatting.

How these particular money-making scheme works is; “there are many introverts globally who can’t make physical friends but resort to looking for internet friends.

So they register on chatting platforms that can help them achieve that. Obviously is not free, it comes at a cost and that is where you come in to make money.

Not only introverts but also handicapped people from birth or circumstances, are also part of the category of people looking for cyber friends.

You can make as high as 300$ weekly just by chatting and having video calls with people.

Don’t worry about your identity, as all the chatting platforms doesn’t require you to reavel your real identity.

Now, because your motive is to make money from this online business, doesn’t mean when you are asked; “why do you want to join the platform? You will say; to make money”.

Here is a list of the best websites Where you can chat and get paid?

  1. RentACyberFriend
  2. Texting Factory
  3. Chat Recruit
  4. TexKings
  5. CloudWorkers
  6. E-moderators
  7. ABC Online Chat

Please make sure you read the information on the websites before you sign up, and confirm their payment options are accessible from your country, especially for Nigerians.

4. Social Media Gigs

Social Media Gigs

When you hear of Social Media users, offering you a chance to grow your account to 1,000 followers for a specific fee, this is how they do it.

They create a platform where those who want to grow their social media account to a certain number, or increase their social media engagement, can come to and get their target achieved by using real humans, not robots.

The real humans are you and I, who decided to sign up on their platforms, as users who completes these social media gigs.

And in return, we earn money or points that are easily convertible to money, which are then sent directly to our Nigeria Bank Account.

Here is a list of the best Social media gigs where you can complete tasks on social media by liking, retweeting, or following others to make money.

This online business is a guaranteed daily pay online business as there are always daily tasks for you to complete.

5. Freelance


Freelance is another online business that pays daily as long as you have gigs. And having gigs as a freelancer is sure if you are good at what you do.

As a new or beginner freelancer you can easily start getting demands for your gigs if you have a very fascinating portfolio.

But for the newbies looking for an online business that pays daily, they might be wondering; “what does freelance mean?

Simply put, freelance means working for yourself and offering your skills and services to clients on a project basis, rather than being employed by a company.

This allows you the freedom to work from anywhere, set your own hours, and choose the projects that interest you.

And some freelancers actually go big in this online money-making business by employing extra hands.

If you’re based in Nigeria, you might be wondering what freelance jobs are available to you.

The good news is that the freelance market in Nigeria is growing rapidly, with more and more companies and individuals seeking skilled freelancers to complete various tasks and projects.

From graphic design to content creation, there are plenty of opportunities for freelancers in Nigeria.

But where do you find these freelance jobs?

There are several freelance websites and platforms that connect freelancers with clients from all over the world.

Some of the best freelance websites include Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru. These platforms offer a wide range of online freelance jobs, so you can find the ones that match your skills and interests.

If you find one that intrigues you and you would love to be a freelancer in that field of interest, do additional research by going through the profile of top freelancers that offers such gigs (freelance service).

The research should not by any means scare you (because you obviously going to see some good professionals with great track records), but to help you steal from them (especially their portfolios) so you can create your profile to look just as professional as theirs.

Read More: How to Become a Freelancer: Step-by-Step Guide to Joining the Gig Economy

6. Blogging and YouTube

Blogging and YouTube
Blog or YouTube: Which is the Better Choice for Your Content Creation?

If I don’t not include these two as an online business that pays daily in Nigeria I have done you great disfavor.

Blogging mostly has to do with providing quality content, from writing to photography they are all ways to make money from blogging in Nigeria.

While YouTube is all about video content.

I believe you should be familiar with both as they are the most popular ways to make money online from the comfort of your home.

To succeed in this Blogging and YouTube online business, you must focus on a Niche and updates your Blog or YouTube with content (which should be original and quality) regularly.

Regularly could be once or twice a week or thrice a month, in whatever model that suit you, please do.

In addition, you must be knowledgeable of the term SEO.

To wrap it all up, you can make up to $1,000 daily from blogging or as a YouTuber. The opportunity is enormous and the industry is large to accommodate everyone on this planet.

For Youtube, just sign up on YouTube and start posting. You can even research how to start a YouTube Channel, to know more about becoming a professional YouTuber.

while for Blogging you can either choose to start with (free platform) or via WordPress (Premium).


7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another spectacular way of making money online. Most people make a living just by being an affiliate marketer.

For beginners who might not know what Affiliate marketing means; It is a type of online marketing where you earn a commission for promoting other people’s products or services.

When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission. It’s a win-win situation for both the affiliate marketer and the product creator or merchant.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it might seem overwhelming at first.

However, there are plenty of resources (websites) available to help you get started.

Some of the best affiliate marketing websites to sign up with include Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and ShareASale.

In Nigeria, affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and there are plenty of affiliate marketing platforms to choose from.

Some of the most popular include Jumia Affiliate Program, Konga Affiliate Program, and PayPorte Affiliate Program.

Most of the affiliate links I shared are goods related, but you can also become an affiliate to platforms that sell digital products (i.e. Online courses) such as; StakeCut, Udemy Affiliate, Coursera Affiliate, and so on.

The benefits of being an affiliate marketer are numerous. You can earn passive income while working from anywhere, you don’t need to create your own products or services, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Plus, it’s a great way to diversify your income streams.




Luckily for you that has clicked on this article from whichever means, there are plenty of options I have listed in this article that I believe have met your desires.

In addition, all the online businesses I mentioned that can pay you daily are legit online businesses that you can access from Nigeria (at least as at the time of my research 🧐 ).

If you have any questions or contributions please leave them in the comment section below.

Remember to share this article as it could be a lifesaver to someone out there.

Also, hit the Bell 🔔 button to turn on Notification to get notified when I publish a new article.

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