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Quora is mainly a question-and-answer forum.

Though there have been some major updates from what it was majorly known to be at the initial stage of launching; “question and answer”.

Quora now provides a platform where you can also write about what you feel like. More like a short piece of article, and if it interests people they get to comment on it; more like a blog post.

They also have what is called quora space. Just like what you call a Facebook page.

But even with the additional updates on quora it still stands out to be a platform for intellectuals.

And just as you could be addicted to your ordinary social media; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on, Quora is also an addictive platform for intellectuals.

By intellectuals, I mean deep thinkers, cerebral people.

And even those that could be less intellectual can be on the platform just to ask questions, and with time you will discover that your intellectual capacity has increased because of the kind of knowledge you can access from Quora.

It has been recorded that over a 300million users visit the Quora platform every day. That’s way more than your country’s population.

With that daily visit, I assure you, your income on this platform will super exceed your main source of livelihood.

Without many dwellings on the peripherals let’s hit on the steps needed to earn money online from Quora.

1. Get a Quora account

This you can easily access for free, just by clicking on Quora. or downloading their app from your phone store if that will be convenient for you.

You can choose to sign up with your Facebook account or a fresh registration using your Gmail.

Mind you, it is a place of intellectuals (Quora staff inclusive). And for that reason, you will want to provide the right information on their platform.

Any sort of lies in your profile including your name will result in difficulties accessing their platforms.

And lack of trust will make them flag your account. That you don’t want.

It is better you don’t specify what your job descriptions are than to lie about it or any other information.

And it is advisable to put your real picture as a new signee, it makes it easier for people to know who they are relating with.

Unlike most social media platform, that allows handles, Quora only allows your real name.

2. Start asking questions

As I said, Quora is mainly about asking and answering questions.

But as a newbie who still seeks to get ahead fast, it is advisable to always ask questions. Preferably ask more questions than you answer.

The reason is that you don’t get attraction or recognition fast by answering questions, but you do when you ask and keep asking.

The beauty of asking questions is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be long questions. All that is required is that your question is not copyrighted, or unreasonable.

And also not shallow.

These are very smart people, such as Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, a lot of professors, and a lot more intellectuals on this platform.

If you find it difficult to generate questions, just take your time to go through other questions on the platform, hopefully, wisdom will help you generate a good benefiting question that you will love to see the answer to.

3. Your Quora account gets monetized

When your questions start attracting more feedback and activities, obviously is never going to be instant.

But when it eventually does within time, the Quora team will send you an email telling you that they want to monetize you.

Thereby inviting you to be part of  their partnership program where you can start making money on Quora

Unlike youtube and blogs, where you are the one that applies for monetization, the Quora team instead are the ones to send you an email telling you that your account is qualified for monetization.

The email is mostly within this context; “your questions are getting a lot of answers, we like to invite you to ask more questions and we are going to pay you per answer that you get”.

What most ignorant people do when they get such an email is; “start asking a bunch of useless questions and eventually get caught and their monetization license is withdrawn from them”.

So it is advisable you don’t follow suit, or else you end up just like them.

So always keep your questions intellectual and try to answer a couple of questions as much as you can.

Just a tip on how to generate good questions;

  • Ask questions that you feel need some answers within your environment,
  • Or that you know carry the weight of being called intellectual questions from your environment.
  • Read books, you will find a whole lot of questions you can ask just by reading books.

Imagine a question carries $2 per answer, and you ask over 200 questions in a week or per month, and they all turn out to be successful, imagining what the return will be on your monthly report.

And this money made online through Quora can be paid directly to your account no matter the country; “including Africa countries”.

Easy as easy. You build your intellectual and your pocket alongside.

And not forgetting, You can also earn from quora Space if you have one. All these earnings can be from the comfort of your home.

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