how to make Money online in Nigeria for free

The first question that comes to your mind when searching for this topic: “how to make money online in Nigeria” is, how possible is it?

It is 100% possible to make free money from home in Nigeria even as a student who wants to make money online in Nigeria.

In this article, I will be revealing just 9 ways to earn money online in Nigeria without paying anything for this knowledge.

Some of the ways listed below may attract little capital but trust me when I say the return on your capital will be more than 100% as you put the idea or ideas to work.

So let’s get started!!

It is no news that the growth of an economy is very crucial to the survival of any nation. That is why both government and regular citizens work extra hard so as to make the economy flourish.

Sadly, the number of jobs available in Nigeria cannot sustain the number of unemployed citizens and that’s why people should look at the aspect of working and earning cash online.

Also, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has spelled out that people need to find alternative sources of income online to survive.

Making money online is not new any longer, but the truth remains that a few are still unaware of the various ways you can make money online.

Online businesses you can venture into are vast, and I have broken them down in this post. This piece, therefore, will serve as an eye-opener to people who wish to work and make money on the internet from home.

These are some of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

1. Remote Working

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s look at remote working. Working remotely is not as hard as it may seem.

It is the same as working in an office building.

The same work is done, the same task is carried out and the same amount of information is disbursed.

The only difference is that the work is done from home.

Remote working in the 21st century began to get more attention during the outbreak of the pandemic in 2019.

In remote working, workers do all their work at home, they attend meetings from home using apps like Zoom which allows a lot of users to make video calls at the same time.

The requirements for working remotely; an office space at home, a desktop or laptop, and a good internet connection.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing done online.

Here, you don’t need to have any physical contact with the product or the seller.

This is a very good and reliable way to make money online.

If you are good at marketing or you are a good salesperson, you should consider this.

If you have charisma and you are the type of person that is good with conversation, you should seriously think about affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is create awareness of the products and invite people if they buy through you, you get a commission. It is that easy.

All you need to do is find an affiliate network and join. Then pick products to promote.

You can promote them on your Facebook, Instagram, any other social media, or blog.

Everything about affiliate marketing is done online. Starting from when you ask to market the product down to when you are paid for it.

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3. Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials

Another way to make money online is by teaching others what you know.

Online tutorials have taken a big turn from being expensive and difficult to conduct to being affordable and easy to organize.

From students to workers to teachers, everyone takes courses online.

These courses range from just learning a cooking skill to actually acquiring a degree.

Yes, people acquire degrees online.

As an online tutor, you have to know what field you’re really good at. Once you discover this, inform people that you are holding online classes, state the fee, and tell them the time for it.

Make sure the class is as interesting and educative as you pictured it would be.

Alternatively, if you do not want to go through this process of inviting people at a particular time, you can create a channel where learners can register to take classes.

The difference here is that you already have all the materials and tutorial videos on the site and all they have to do is register and learn.

Nigerian websites like Tutors NG allows users to monetize their knowledge by creating online learning materials for others in need of specific knowledge.

I know of many persons who make weekly 30k to 100k just to render knowledge on Blogging and SEO using a WhatsApp group.

So please consider this if you know you have the skills or knowledge that people are looking for.

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4. Crypto Trading

Crypto currency Trading

Many people have heard about how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum have taken over the market since they were introduced.

It is not an actual currency like the Pound Sterling, Dollar, or Naira.

It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Truth is, most people prefer to put their money on crypto trading than invest it anywhere else.

In this kind of trading, you buy a cryptocurrency when they sell at a low rate, study the market and sell your currency when the market price is high.

All these can be done from the comfort of your home.

Gradually, so many businesses are accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

There are opinions that it will someday replace the money we have now. Whether that is true or not, you should consider investing and making money from Cryptocurrency now while it’s still a ripe market.

5. Online Trading

Online Trading

This comprises buying and selling physical goods online.

When people are in a situation where they can’t go out or they are not within the same territory, they open an online shop.

When this online shop is opened, customers can go through available goods and pick out the one they want to purchase.

Payments for these goods are made online and then they are delivered to the buyer.

Online trading can even be done across country borders. Traders use platforms like Jumia and Konga, JiJi, OLX, etc as an avenue to reach more customers and make delivery easier.

6. Freelancing

Online Surveys

Another way to make quick and legit money online is by freelancing.

Freelancers offer professional skills online for a fee.

These freelancers are not employees of a particular organization.

They provide their services to different organizations when the need arises.

Most freelancing websites allow you to leverage your skills to earn some quick cash online.

Common skills in freelancing include content writing, social media management, website design, graphic design, search engine marketing, etc.

This is one of the great ways people make money online from the comfort of their home

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7. Online Surveys

Online Surveys

An increasingly popular and fast way to make money online in Nigeria without paying anything is to fill out online surveys.

This can be done in your spare time.

Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products. After a few minutes of filling out online surveys, you can earn some quick cash as a reward.

And you can easily do these surveys with your phone.

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8. Websites that pay you

Websites that pay you

This is just like taking online surveys and getting paid.

The only difference here is that these websites offer a platform where you get to complete tasks and get paid.

You literally don’t need to pay anything to get registered.

People often complain about how they get rejected while registering on these online paying websites because their IP is reading Nigeria.

Is not racist or unnatural to be rejected because most of these websites that pay online offer tasks that are centered on their country’s demands.

But you are far from not just their country but also from their continent, you will need an IP that is required before you can be registered.

The solution is to buy a VPN on your phone or Laptop.

If that will be too costly for you, download a privacy browser such as Epic Browser and others that can change your IP for you without paying anything.

List of top 4 websites that can pay cool cash online for free:

  1. Picoworkers
  2. CoinBulb
  3. BTC Clicks
  4. CoinPayu

Make sure you register on all of them. If you have a problem completing any task just let me know in the comment section.

9. Forex Trading and Binary Options

Forex Trading and Binary Options

Forex is all about currency exchange. You can make good money dealing in forex.

As long as the world does not use one currency, Forex will continue to be a big income stream.

The difference between forex trading and crypto trading is that forex deals with trading fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies in pairs.

Currencies like Dollars, Pounds, Naira, Bitcoin, etc are actually traded.

Binary options are like forex trading but easier. You have options basically, to predict if the price of a particular currency or commodity will go up or come down.

And you make money from it!

Forex trading pays, but you need to study and understand the market to avoid making unexplainable losses.

These listed opportunities should give you an idea of what to do with your time and browsing data online.

If you apply these ideas carefully, then you do not have to worry about making money as a student, or making extra money as an employee online from home or even right there at your office (as long as you don’t get caught by your boss)

Always remember, working online has come to stay and it takes almost nothing to give it a try.

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  1. Good day, thanks a lot for the infor, i was unable to register with Coinbulb and coinpayu, they said my IP address has been used by another, and i bought my phone new, no body has used it. Please help

    1. sorry for the late reply. but have you tried downloading a free VPN app that can change your IP for u. because I made it clear as part of the criteria to be accepted.
      thou I advise u go for the paid VPN cos is strong, but never the less starting with the free VPN is not bad

  2. Nice information, but my question is if u manage to register using VPN what about when they ask for ur documents during withdrawal what will u do

    1. thats when you need a paypal.

      But if the wire money (Eg western union and the likes) option is there you can make use of it

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