Businesses that can pay you 1 million Naira this December in Nigeria

Christmas is coming, New Year is coming. In fact, from the 1st of December to the end of it, it is all about the festive period and 99% of us are thinking about;

  • What are we going to buy?
  • How are we going to enjoy ourselves?
  • How are we going to catch fun?
  • Where are we going to celebrate?

Such kind of thinking is associated with Spending.

This world is divided into two groups of people; the 1% that controls 99% of the wealth of the world.

While the remaining 99% of us fight and struggle to be among the 1%.

The reason for such dichotomy is attitude and mindset!

Just like this period, the vast majority of people are thinking about how they are going to celebrate, pleasure themselves, buy, and be in the mood of merry.

But you must understand that this is the period where most people, unlike in the past 11 months, will be accessible to buy.

To the extent that people can buy a stick just for the “colorful sake”.

That is why advertisers spend the most money this period, offline and online advertising. Just so they can get you to buy.

While the manufacturers, on the other hand, are going to produce like never before, just so the 99% of people can buy.

And this period also goes beyond just buying. If you research the population properly, you will discover that most children are born in August.

And August just happened to be nine(9) months away from December.

Meaning this period is like the ovulatory period of a woman, many things are bound to happen.

And because this article focuses on the business aspect, we are going to stick to that.

First of all, before I start listing the most profitable businesses that can guarantee you 1 million Naira this December in Nigeria, I want you to deliberately decide to change your attitude and mindset from the 99% to the 1% that controls 99% of the wealth in this world.

Start thinking of what to sell. Because this period of the year is the wealth incubation period.

With little or no advertising, you can be assured of still having good sales and returns.

1. Clothes Making and Selling

It is not a mistake that the clothes business is number one on the list. That is because it has been one of the most sold commodities during this period over time.

It sells second to food items if not more.

And it doesn’t matter if the clothes are second-used or substandard. As long as it fits the taste of this modern age, it will sell beyond your imagination.

If you choose this business as your chosen business for this month, I advise you buy in Large quantities.

While for those in this business already, please make sure you stock up.

China and Mauritius are the cheapest international market to buy from.

While for the local market in Nigeria, Onitsha is the place to get them.

And for those living outside Nigeria, you should know where to get clothes of good quality and affordable price.

For those who are interested in sales of used clothes (Aloko) click here:

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2. Barbing Business

Barbing is among the underrated business in Nigeria.

But the truth is, this business can make you a millionaire in less than two months if you are skillful enough.

There was a barber in my area that was making roughly over 30k daily (before December) back then before he relocated

But during December each of his workers generates nothing less than 15k each (after their percentage deduction). And he had 3 workers. Do the math and see the surprise there.

The only requirement for this business is skill and good customer service.

With those two advantages over your competitors, you have the market at your fingertips.

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3. Agricultural Produce Business

This includes foodstuff and livestock.

As the saying goes; “there is no festive celebration without killing something or eating at least rice”.

Going into this business is like selling ice during the summer season.

You are definitely going to get customers even if you decide to sell them from your house and your house happens to be inside the forest.

As long as people live around that same forest you will get patronage.

The only requirement for this business is to buy good food items— If that is what you decide to focus on.

But if it is livestock, buy the ones that are healthy and not sick or affected by any diseases.

To know a sick animal click here

4. Phones and Gadget Business

This December, you can take advantage of those phone and gadget freaks.

Get your items cheap from China and sell them.

You can make money from this business without having a physical store.

Just make use of your social media platform effectively and efficiently.

And most importantly, be honest with your sales. Sell only good working phones and gadgets.

If you are to buy from anybody or swap, make sure you do your proper findings, so you won’t buy or swap stolen items.

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5. POS Business

No exchange takes place without legal tender (money).

And this period is when more money is being spent compared to the previous months of the year.

In this same period, the banks have been well known to be a disappointment, because of their consistent out-of-cash, long queues (ATM stand inclusive), and bad Network

So many people seek alternatives, such as trying to run a cashless economy or bribing their way into the hearts of bank cashiers just to bypass the queue.

Even at that, customers still get disappointed, with the bad and slow response bank network.

So for that reason, POS is seen as the only best alternative.

And that is where you come in.

Setting up a POS stand is not difficult but it would have been better if you had started processing it from the banks or this new fin-tech firm in November.

Nevertheless, pos business is indeed a booming business this period and more booming from 24th to 31st December.

This business can pay you close to 2 million just in December.

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6. Recharge Card Business

I know these days most people buy airtime from their bank app.

And this business is no longer lucrative like before.

But I tell you that ideology is false.

As there are still millions of people who still buy hard-copy recharge cards.

When I did this business, I made N92,000 within the shortest time.

If you are interested in this business, click here to learn more

7. Cab Business

Taxi business is a Jackpot business during this period.

In fact, you will be the one running away from trips unlike in previous months when you were begging for trips.

Some people only engage in this business during December, and they make it big.

When I say big, I mean a guaranteed sum of 40k daily (Due to the surge in price and demand for rides)

All that is required for this business is to have a good car and sign up with one or all of the ride-hailing services such as Bolt, Uber, RideMe, Drop, etc.

For more info about this business click here

8. Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve not started affiliate marketing yet or you have no idea about it, it’s time to get on the internet and get yourself updated in knowledge.

Because this December, in fact, from November to December is the period you can get more sales.

Not just sales but also an opportunity to increase your customer base, to keep them buying even after this period.


9. Cement Depot

There has always been a high demand for cement and other building materials during this period.

The reason is that most uncompleted house owners try to rush things, to start the new year with a housewarming.

And on the other hand, most old house owners will want to renovate.

In any of these cases, one thing is certain, cement and other house-building materials must be in high demand.

Entry into this business now might not be too late if you intend entry with large capital.

But it doesn’t mean those with small capital can’t do something, they can, but not as much as someone who goes into it with large capital.

This business also requires knowledge from those already into it, or else you might wake up one day and discover all your cement bags have hardened.

So before you choose this business, look for someone who is already in the business (definitely not in the location you desire to open yours) to teach you.

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10. Print on Demand business

This business is recommended for everyone who is into affiliate marketing.

But if you are not into affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean you still can’t cash out from this business.

The only advantage an affiliate marketer has when he is in this business is the ready customer base that he has.

Normally, a print-on-demand business is a personal business.

I have written all the knowledge you need to know about starting this business

Print-on-Demand business in Nigeria make at least 500k monthly

11. Airbnb

During this period many people will be going on vacation and most of these vacations are in countries they have never been to before.

Most of them don’t just want to experience the hotel life (the adventurers), but they prefer being part of the society in which they are going to spend the vacation.

So what they do is; “they go to an Airbnb website and look for someone’s apartment open for a lease.

By the way, Airbnb stands for Air bed and breakfast.

It is an option of giving your apartment for lease or a part of your apartment for lease to an interested foreigner for a fee; normally per night.

This is not an article on this topic. But if you want to know more about this business read my article:  Airbnb

12. Female Hair Salon Business

Just as the male salon booms during this period, the female hair salon is not left out.

In fact, during this period a hairdresser will hardly have time for herself let alone give you her time to waste.

Because during this period, their hair salon business demand nearly their total time and focus as there is high patronage from the ladies who intend to look like an angel that fell from heaven.

—That is why I have been advised from my teenage age never to marry a lady during this period because they might look like something else from January.

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I hope you did benefit from this article; “12 December Business Ideas that can pay you 1 million Naira”.

If you have questions, contributions, or corrections, please make them known by leaving them in the comment section.

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