Businesses you can Start with no Money or zero capital for free

I know when it comes to starting a business, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to get capital, not just capital but substantial capital that can be enough till the breakeven of the business.

But the truth is; “not all business requires capital” limitless of the country where you may find yourself currently.

And that is why I have come up with this article to help those who could be looking for how to get their hands occupied legitimately but have no capital or money to start their desired business idea.

1. Online tutor

Online Tutor

Online tutors are also referred to as lesson teachers in most non-western countries.

Is a situation whereby someone offers tutoring online without physical contact with the students.

A survey that was done during the covid-19 lockdown showed that most people actually prefer online tutoring to physical (one-on-one) tutoring.

And part of the major reasons people gave for the preference was the fact that; you are not under pressure, no bullies, no class clowns, more convenient, and so on.

Online tutoring requires zero capital to start.

All you have to do is to make a clear short video of yourself engaging on a subject ( obviously the one you are extremely good at).

Post it on your social media site, and update your bio; “I offer quality online tutoring. Interested persons should contact me directly”. But never put your price tag alongside the video or on your bio.

And there are good sites where online tutors are connected to students who need their services, google them out, register (free) and that’s all.

The only disadvantage of this online tutoring is when you choose to apply greed by taking subjects you know deep down you are not good at because you want more pay.

And in addition, physical tutoring still doesn’t require capital to start.

Just start with physical publicity within your area, and they will start recommending you if your teaching qualities are worth recommending.

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2. Print on demand (POD)


According to Shopify:

“The print-on-demand (POD) industry has grown by 12% over the previous four(4) years now. Even at that, a new survey from Printful found that 45% of print-on-demand store owners saw a surge in sales throughout 2020 and there is no slowing down in demand to date.”

POD is a business you must consider if indeed you are looking for a business to start with zero capital and a huge return.

Print-on-demand business is more like a middleman business, that requires you to showcase a catalog or list of designs made by you on an e-commerce website for purchase.

And if someone in need makes a demand for the items, all you have to do is to send the order to your client.

And if you don’t have a client, there are a lot of foreign websites that take orders from those into print-on-demand such as; Printful, Printify, Lulu Direct, Gooten, and so on.

The advantage and why I advice you to use one of the above-recommended platforms is, they send a direct email to your customer and you can request a sample to know the quality of the product.

Not just that, they also cover the expenses of shipping to the direct customer. So you are more like a marketer, but a self-boss marketer.

If you are interested in this business, hit the subscribed button because will be writing fully on print-on-demand in my next article and how you can make easy six-figures at ease.

I have a well-detailed article on this print-on-demand business that includes not just how to start, but also how to get your best clients

3. Elderly Care Provider

Elderly care Provider

Elderly care is actually a good business to look into as it also pays awesomely.

The only stress about it is that you must not have the attribute of getting annoyed easily because old age comes with a lot of annoyance.

With such an attribute you are good to go.

And lest I forget, don’t also get irritated easily like me, not an attribute to explore, because you will get used to it in this business.

Anyway, that’s why the money is always high.

4. Online Travel Consultant

Online Travel Consultant

This might be a little technical, in the sense that, you will need to have some level of knowledge to execute it perfectly.

Online travel consultants are people that engage in helping you out with your travel issues, like flight tickets, Airbnb, Hotel recommendations, and hotel bookings (if they offer such).

You must do proper research before starting this business. Probably learning from someone or signing up as an employee in a travel consultant company will give you a great edge in this business.

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5. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is something worth looking into.

The only limitation of this is that; it is strictly for those who want to publish their ebooks and paperbacks.

It is absolutely free and has the potential of reaching millions of people.

And if you are not a writer, you can become a middle man, by telling people through social media or ads that you are into publishing.

And you get your percentage per purchase of their ebooks.

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6. Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer

This option is for those social media freaks.

If you happen to be one, and you got quite a good number of followers, all you have to do is to slide into the Dm of companies (old and new) and market yourself there.

Make your message direct and short. No one has the time to go through a long message with many stories at the beginning no matter how interesting it may be.

eg. “I’m a social media influencer, with (total numbers of reach) and I can give your product/services great publicity. If interested let me know.”

If they reach back to you, you will be the one to put your charges, and terms and conditions.

This is what most social media influencers do, and it pays so well.

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7. YouTuber


YouTube has the potential of paying you over 10 million naira monthly.

Oh, you think those comedy skits you watch on YouTube, the actors don’t have work or they are jobless? most of them make thousands of dollars (equivalent to millions of naira) monthly.

And even the ones that are not making up to a million, make enough substantial amounts with their little views.

All you have to do to start making money from Youtube is; “create an account, optimize it with your main niched, and boom you’re good to go”.

It might not be smooth from the beginning, but consistency and always telling your viewers to hit the like button and subscribe will help boost your publicity.

I know because I said skit-makers make it huge from YouTube, doesn’t mean you should blindly follow suits.

To be honest, many skit-makers don’t make it at all because the talent is not there.

But other niches pay awesomely too. Do proper research, find the right niche for your channel, and feed it with content.

8. Facebook Video

Facebook money making scheme

For all Facebook lovers, especially the old-timers,  I believe you have been seeing videos posted by users and sometimes the videos are live-streamed.

Just as YouTube pays well, Facebook is also a good platform to multiply your income from a particular video.

All you have to do is to repost the same video you have posted on your YouTube channel to your Facebook and voila! All you start seeing are figures moving upward.

The only requirement on both YouTube and Facebook Videos is originality.

Even if you are copying someone else’s videos, try and add a few editing to it and make sure the title is never exactly in words to the original source of the video (even if the title means the same thing)

9. Airbnb


Airbnb stands for “Air Bed and Breakfast”. It is a situation where you decide to let your apartment out to those who don’t look forward to staying in a hotel.

I know most of you might be surprised by what kind of business is this.

Basically, what this business really does, is to make your house or apartment open for short rent.

Not everybody likes hotels these days, mostly when they are running out of cash and at the same time want good comfort with the little they have.

This doesn’t mean u are giving out your apartment for a penny. In fact, some houses enlisted for an Airbnb cost a lot depending on the location.

This doesn’t also mean that only those in good areas are eligible for such business.

You can be living in a ghetto in Nigeria or a ghetto in any part of the world and still enlist yours in an Airbnb. You will be amazed how many people would love a taste of such an experience.

To get your house or apartment enlisted, all you have to do is to register on Airbnb and fill in all the required files; “mostly the pictures of the apartment, snap it with a clear camera”.

Please make sure the apartment is neat while snapping and also neat and smells nice before the guest arrives, if not your profile will be blacklisted and that’s all for your offer.

There have been stories of people making millions from this business, you too can.

I did an Airbnb video on this on my youtube channel, you should check it out.

10. Selling your social media account

Selling your social media account

This might sound strange to many people, but the truth is, many people are making huge amounts from this business. Yeah, it is a business.

All you have to do is to grow the account to a substantial number of followers and put it up for sale, you will be amazed how many persons will come bidding for your account.

And if the followers are really high above 100k followers, you can sell it for nothing less than 100,000 naira or more depending on your negotiating power.

This is how most popular media houses get their social media account.

Youtube and Facebook pages/groups account inclusive.

11. Appraiser


An appraiser business is basically someone who determines the actual market cost of an asset.

This may look a bit confusing to you, but the truth is; this business is viable and profitable.

I believe you’ve heard of cases where banks ceased an asset of a loan defaulter, or the economic-financial crime commission in your country ceased the assets of those arrested for fraud.

When such a thing happens, the bank or the financial crime commission looks for an appraiser that will help them with the real market value of the assets. so they can recoup their money back (banks) or sell and pay the money into the country’s treasury purse (financial crime commission).

And most times banks always use an appraiser before they can accept any collateral for loans.

The major thing you need to be an appraiser is knowledge. Go online and look for free “Appraiser Online courses” go through them and you become a certified appraiser.

The importance of that certificate is to differentiate between the imposters from the qualified.

And I don’t think getting the certificate will take you up to 6 months if not earlier than that.

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